Independent Evaluation of WinTingo Casino 4.9 stars

Since its inception in 2011, WinTingo, a subsidiary of Digimedia Limited and fully regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, has become one of Europe’s top casual casino gaming providers.


Although the site is well-equipped to accommodate gamers of all stripes, with more than 500 casino games of various kinds and sizes available upon registration, the casual betting alternatives stand out.


WinTingo has not only built a platform where gaming is about more than traditional alternatives such as blackjack, roulette, and slots, but it has also managed to become a location where rookie players may thrive.


Obviously, in order for WinTingo to be regarded as the ideal location for newbies and those seeking new experiences, it had to reinforce its bonus bank with the finest offers.


In addition to receiving five distinct deposit bonuses when you establish your initial account, you will also be eligible for an ongoing series of incentives through a unique cashback program designed to reward everyone regardless of how they play.


Unfortunately, if you live in the United States, you won’t be allowed to participate. If you are located in a nation where internet gambling is legal, you are free to proceed. It only takes a few seconds to create your first WinTingo account, and within minutes you might be cashing in on one of the site’s 500+ casino games.



Over five hundred casino games

Innovative software facilitates gaming

welcome bonus accessible over five deposits

eCOGRA, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Malta Gaming Authority are authorised

Earn cashback while playing Cons.

The main loyalty program is by invitation only

Not available to US players

It might take seven days to process a bank transfer.

Although WinTingo is a relative newcomer to the online casino sector, it hasn’t prevented it from becoming a market leader. By observing the evolution of the market, WinTingo was able to enter with a new look and, more significantly, right on trend.


As previously said, current online gaming is about connection, and the greatest online operators are now homogeneous businesses that provide different gaming possibilities on a single platform. WinTingo has eschewed the traditional iGaming strategy, which sought to split poker, sports betting, casino, and bingo into their own platforms, and instead integrated everything into a single, sleek interface.


Moreover, as a latecomer to the party, WinTingo has not had to design a bonus system based on what it “thinks” players will want, but what they “actually” want based on facts and statistics. This results in not just a five-step welcome bonus capable of awarding $500 in casino currency, but also 50 free spins on the ever-popular Starburst slot machine.


Software and Game Selection 4.3/5

WinTingo currently offers more than 350 instant play games and 500 free play games, powered by the combined efforts of iGaming Microgaming, PariPlay, and NetEnt.


By cultivating agreements with three of the industry’s major software vendors, WinTingo has been able to offer the whole range of betting possibilities. WinTingo offers more methods to play than practically all of its iGaming competitors, whether you prefer blackjack and roulette or bingo and scratchcards.


Obviously, squeezing that many high-quality games into a single platform isn’t simple, and it’s clear that WinTingo’s software engineers had to carefully consider how to organize the site.


When you establish your first account, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the search procedure is separated into two primary options: menus and search bars.


On the left-hand side of the website, there is a static boxout that lists the eight primary gaming categories for gamers who are unsure of the game they wish to play.


WinTingo does things a bit differently (and in our opinion, a little better) by not linking to a new page when you click on these alternatives.


At many older online casinos, each selection in the games menu typically sends you to a different page. Although this technique functions flawlessly, it has the drawback of confounding new players. By navigating from page to page, you may feel as if you are being lost in a matrix of alternatives.


WinTingo has circumvented this issue by having everything on one page. Instead of moving you from page to page, WinTingo modifies the page you are now viewing. For instance, if you are exploring the site’s 200+ slot games, you will see a page filled with boxes with the game’s name and logo.


After reviewing the available alternatives, you elect to choose the bingo tab, at which point the boxes disappear and are replaced by bingo betting possibilities. This feature may not appear to be worthy of such praise, but if you are an experienced casino player, you will understand why this is so great.


By leaving the essential elements of the game page in place and only rearranging the options in the centre of the screen, the site seems much smaller and is thus much easier to browse.


If you know the precise game you want to play, you can also use a search box to locate it on WinTingo. This tool streamlines the process of locating WinTingo’s high-quality games by eliminating the need to wade through a complex array of gaming possibilities.


So, what are the advantages of this novel arrangement? Therefore, you have immediate access to the following game options:


Slots: WinTingo’s assortment of slots includes everything from video slots and three-reel spinners to progressive jackpot games with rewards exceeding 100,000.

Table Games: Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, punto banco, casino hold’em, craps, and dice games are available for as low as £1.

When it comes to poker, WinTingo offers a vast selection of games. From traditional casino Hold’em and video poker, such as Double Joker and Jacks or Better, to contemporary gaming alternatives like as Texas Hold’em Pro, Red Dog, and Pontoon Poker, you may win millions for a pittance.

Scratchcards: The only method to win quick rewards worth more than 100,000 is to scratch games like Barn Ville, Cash Cuisine, and Dawn of the Bread.

Bingo: WinTingo’s bingo games are the final arrow in its betting quiver. By selecting from ten distinct gaming alternatives, such as Bingo Resort and Sassy Bingo, these games provide an immediate play, on-demand bingo service with rewards ranging up to 100,000.

Mobile Casino 4.1/5

WinTingo Mobile Casino preserves the convenience of the main online casino by letting players to join directly through their web browsers. Without the need for applications, users may save time and space on their mobile devices without affecting the quality of the games. The amount of mobile games is lower than that of PC games, but the most popular titles are still accessible. Because the creators are recognized for creating slots that are compatible with different systems, this is the case.


Regarding compatibility, all Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices will be able to run the mobile casino. The games will function on various operating systems so long as the browser is Java-based. New players will be able to sign up, make a deposit, and get the welcome bonus without ever needing to use a computer.


Security and Fairness 4.9 out of 5

As expected, WinTingo is outfitted with the most advanced security measures, including as SSL encryption, separate accounts (so your cash are never at danger), and completely validated random number generators.


In addition to SSL encryption, WinTingo has introduced Extended Validation (EV) Certification for an additional layer of protection. This program is the most advanced type of SLL encryption and offers a better level of security, as both your browser and WinTingo’s system must pass a series of authentication tests (all of which occur invisibly) before connecting.


In addition to preserving your dollars and the integrity of its games, WinTingo offers a robust data protection policy that ensures your information is never at risk. Additionally, WinTingo conducts age verification checks on every account holder to guarantee that no one is playing underage.

Marketing & Customer Service


4.9/5 Starter Bonus

WinTingo’s five-step welcome bonus is worth a decent 500, but what makes this offer stand out is that it’s ideal for beginners. WinTingo is aware that most new players won’t want to spend 500 on their initial deposit to unlock the entire bonus (it’s a 100% match), thus having this choice is nearly useless.


By dividing it into five equal pieces, it is much easier for players to receive the maximum bonus and, more importantly, to complete it in a reasonable amount of time. WinTingo’s welcome bonus is a wonderful alternative if you’re a newbie player seeking a bonus that provides overall value.


In addition, to guarantee that everyone, regardless of skill or bankroll, has an equal chance at something even more rewarding, WinTingo includes 50 free spins on Starburst with every initial deposit (providing you use the deposit code: STARBURST50).


Loyalty Scheme

WinTingo offers an invitation-only loyalty program for those with a taste for the finer things in casino life and a greater bankroll. To join the WinTingo High Rollers Club, an application must be submitted to the VIP staff.


After sending an email to, the staff will analyze your account activity and determine if you’ve satisfied the minimal requirements for VIP status. WinTingo will build a rewards system to your unique demands and playing style if you are accepted into the club.


In general, however, all VIPs have access to the following triad of benefits:


Increased cashback bonuses

Exclusive access to contests and promotions

Quicker withdrawals

WinTingo provides a loyalty program in the form of a recurring cashback incentive for frequent players who are not yet ready for the VIP club. This one-of-a-kind payback scheme, known as CashPay, eliminates wagering limits, allowing you to withdraw your whole account balance at any time.


The procedure is as follows:


You make a deposit

A bonus is added to your savings account (this is basically a cash amount equal to your bonus – this is not the same as a deposit bonus)

WinTingo dispenses funds from your piggybank as you play and clear portions of your bonus.

This approach augments every deposit you make and eliminates the wagering conditions that would normally accompany a deposit bonus. For every 70 you wager, you will receive 2 in cashback until your bonus (equivalent to your investment) has been cleared from your piggy bank.


Customer Service

WinTingo’s customer service experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have.


Live chat, which can be accessible straight from your account page, is the most expedient method to communicate with a staff member. If you have a more thorough question or wish to discuss anything in person, however, you can utilize the following:


Email – Form accessible on the account page.


Phone Is a collection of free regional numbers, including:


UK = +44 (0) 8003760833

Norway = +47 80013918

Germany = 8007234310

Sweden = +46 (0) 200898720

Australia = +61 1800020976

Canada = +1 (855)2921930

Rest of World = (+44) 800376083

Join WinTingo using our special sign-up link to have access to all of these bonuses and more.


Conclusion \s4.8/5

WinTingo is not precisely a well-known online casino despite its existence since 2011. However, this does not indicate that it is a poor option, as the evaluation demonstrates that it is superior to the majority of other websites in terms of casino games. The combined efforts of NetEnt and Microgaming for the software provide a wonderful selection of hit slots, and this is WinTingo Casino’s primary edge. And speaking of tables, there are several table games, scratch cards, bingo alternatives, live dealers, and other activities to play.


The mobile casino contains a large number of games and works just as efficiently if the entire collection is available without downloading. In addition, the welcome bonus comprises several deposits with free wagering credits. However, because the VIP program is invitation-only, regular gamers cannot benefit from it. The straightforward website strongly invites gamers to sign up and begin playing.


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